Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations


It was quite snowy at home for Thanksgiving. We probably have around a foot of snow. I was a little (but not too) shocked to see only a light dusting when I got back to Rochester. This morning there is only spots of snow in shady areas.

As for Thanksgiving itself, the day and meal were quite lovely. S.J. accompanied me home Wednesday night, and her parents drove out Thursday. She went back with them that evening. It was nice.


We decorated for Christmas at home, which was nice. We got a new tree, it's smaller, but nicely so. About 2/3 of the lights have really pretty coverings on them (seen above).

Mom sent me back to my house with decorations which I put up last night. I'll take pictures soon.

Also, our new cat, Miss Kitty (formerly known as Porch Kitty) is nice. She's a little jumpy sometimes, we think she might have been abused before someone dumped her and she ended up on our porch. She warms up to people pretty fast, though she seems to like ladies more than men.