Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I got a new email, made a new Blogger account with it and switched over to that in case you are wondering why my name has gone from "elsepeth" to Beth Ann. I'm still me though!

I've also added a friend's blog to my list to the right. She's an artist, photographer and really awesome girl! Check her out through the "for the love of" link!

Also, I made cookies. Chocolate-vanilla Chip with mint! The recipe made about twice what I thought it would, so if anyone wants to visit me, I would love to have coffee/tea and cookies! I definitely have enough!

I'll post the recipe later, right now I have to go to work.


Saturday, June 14, 2008


So It's been about ten years since I've updated this, and I apologize. I have a few really good recipes to share, but for now I'm just going to post some stuff about what I've been up to (and maybe a quick pie recipe).

~The last week of classes was really crazy both with work and personal things, and then finals week came. Finals themselves were not entirely horrible, though I would have appreciated another week.

~The Monday of finals week I got the terrible news that a girl I was friends with in high school was killed in a car accident. She will be greatly missed. Her funeral was nice, terrible, and poetic. Right after the priest said his last closing word at the cemetery, there was immediate downpour of rain.

Rest in Peace Jill.

Jillianne Moerman, July 24, 1986 - May 12, 2008

~Also somewhat poetically, the half of the heart-shaped bamboo that she gave me five or six years ago randomly died the other day.

~I have been baking a lot too.

~I made tiramisu (twice!).

~My parents came to visit a while ago and they brought me some rhubarb from our patch, and I've made a few pies, strawberry-rhubarb and blueberry-rhubarb (below).


In a large bowl combine three cups of rhubarb with two cups of berries. Pour over the berries 1 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup flour (for non-wheat I would suggest a starch or bean flour, not rice flour, which makes the inside of the pie rather gritty), and one lightly beaten egg/ prepared replacer for TWO eggs (the egg/egg replacer will help it to thicken and not be runny, but it won't be custard-y either).

Let sit for a few minutes while you prepare crust dough for a two crust pie. (Cut 3/4cups soft (but solid) shortening into two cups of flour until it has a fine, even crumb. If using liquid shortening (oil) lessen to 1/2 cup and add more if needed. Mix in 4 Tbsp water and form into a ball. If needed add more water 1 Tbsp at a time until dough comes together. Devide in half and roll into two rounds. To transfer rounds to pan, fold in half and pick up by corners of crease.)

Transfer the bottom round to the pan, flatten against the bottom to avoid tearing through when filling. Trim any excess that drapes excessively over the edge. Stir the filling to redistribute the coating and carefully scoop the filling into the well of the pie. Let it mound up a little in the center. Carefully transfer the top crust and cut away excessive extras, then firmly pinch the two crusts together all the way around, forming a very firm seal. This is important so that your pie doesn't leak all over the inside of the oven. Cut vent holes in the top (I like to trace little hearts with one of my little cookie cutters). Bake at 400 for 40 to 45 minutes.


I also made food for one of my apartmentmate's birthday. I made spinach-artichoke dip, bruscetta, garlic crustinis, sausage rolls, and a layer cake that I split the batter six ways, tinted the primaries and secondaries, and marbled. Here is a terrible picture of the decimated bottom layer.... I'm sorry that the first two pictures are so dark, they looked much better on the tiny screen.

~In other news, Brian crashed into a building and removed a large amount of skin from his knee and shoulder, as well as getting terrible "roadburn" (brickburn?) on the whole left side of his torso (rollerblading shirtless is a good idea).

~Stephanie is going to have her baby in less than a month! See "a wing and a prayer. and coffee." to the right for recent pictures (and sonograms!).

~Also, my hair is purple again! (Picture courtesy of S.J.)