Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I got a new email, made a new Blogger account with it and switched over to that in case you are wondering why my name has gone from "elsepeth" to Beth Ann. I'm still me though!

I've also added a friend's blog to my list to the right. She's an artist, photographer and really awesome girl! Check her out through the "for the love of" link!

Also, I made cookies. Chocolate-vanilla Chip with mint! The recipe made about twice what I thought it would, so if anyone wants to visit me, I would love to have coffee/tea and cookies! I definitely have enough!

I'll post the recipe later, right now I have to go to work.



s.a. said...

I want to come over!!! I missed you last weekend, I guess I thought you were coming here? Sadly I can't really travel at the moment...don't want to go into labor far from home. Miss you so much <3

Beth Ann said...

I want to come over, and/or to have you come here! I'm really sad we didn't make it down too. We'll be out more in the coming weeks (for the sad reason that there isn't much that they can do for Brian's Gramp so we need to visit as much as we can....) so hopefully we can take a detour down to you. I miss you so incredibly much too! <3

MyUtopia said...

Cookies and coffee sound wonderful!

Kristina said...

Hello! Your cookies look yummy... I wish I were in Rochester (like a week ago) to partake. :)

Tim and I are back in Forestville now, living in my parents' RV. Until Tim and my dad finish changing that room that was on the back of the barn into an apartment at least-- which should be about another month. RV-living = not fun.

Anyway, if you're ever down visiting, give me a call! I shouldn't be working too horribly much either.

Hope you're doing well!

Beth Ann said...

myutopia- :)

Krissy! Hi! That's fun that you're back in Forestville, that's a bit closer. I should be home sometime not too far from now. I have a dentist appointment sometime in August, but hope to have a weekend there sometime before then. RV-living sounds... (not) fun.... Maybe they'll finish ahead of schedule(?).