Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Late mini post

So I definitely need to go to bed soon, but I have two exciting things:

1. I bought the paint for my room today, and got most of the room primed- we ran out with just the top of one and a half of the walls bare- talk about mildly disappointing. So I have to stop at the store tomorrow and grab a quart of primer. Grr. But it's exciting because hopefully I'll get at least the 1st coat of the color up tomorrow. I'm so exited to have a real room really to myself.

2. Steve and I went to the Organic Co-Op today. I got several exciting things, but by far the most exciting is the iced cream made out of coconut milk! Soy-free, milk-free, and non-rice-y. It's made by the company "So-Delicious" who I've seen and eaten soy-based ice cream by, and it really lives up to it's company name.


nightimestudy said...

I have an urge to leave you the link to this post, although you may have seen it. She has a recipe for dairy-free nutella at the end of the entry, and i thought you might enjoy that. Although i'm also sure you're clever enough to come up with your own recipe. :)

anyways: http://aprovechar.danandsally.com/?p=26#more-26

also - what color will your new room be? and have i told you we are moving back to Jamestown?

<3 Karen

Beth Ann said...

Hi Karen! I miss you! I need to call you soon, my life has changed a lot recently. I love Sally, I read her blog regularly. She has such great recipes and such an inspiring life. My new room is going to be "dill." It's a nice sage-y green. I'm excited. And my new bed set is silvery-grey and dark purple. Ooo. I think that you may have mentioned that you were thinking about moving back, but I didn't know that you were! That's exciting! Three hours away is so much closer than there! <3<3

Kristina said...

Our apartment is three different colors of green -- "Mother Nature," "Rejuvenate," and "Evergreen Shadows." They're all muted greens, it looks really nice in there. I'm also anxious to have my own space again (well.. half my own at least).

Ooh... What flavor of the coconut milk ice cream did you try? I've been keeping an eye out for it at Tops (which, sadly enough, has the largest selection of natural/organic stuff around here), but will probably have to hold out until we get down to Erie and visit the co-op there.

Beth Ann said...

It was Vanilla Bean. I love the little speckles. It is so good! I hope that you find some!