Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So as most people that know me have noticed, I drop my phone a lot. If this were a sitcom, here is where they would insert a montage of clips showing me dropping my phone set to a witty song. I've been getting better about not dropping it, however, I think that today I made up for the not dropping my phone all the time.

I was making cupcakes while talking to my mom on the phone. I got the cupcakes into the oven without a problem, however, when I went to rotate the pans halfway through baking, I dropped my phone.


The door was not open all the way, so my phone slid down the hot door and landed on the bottom of the stove, you know, the metal part right above the FLAMES. My poor mother, she was a little confused. I then proceeded to panic, scramble for tongs, which the Johnsons' don't apparently believe in, grabbed two wooden spoons and fished it out (without burning myself!) It seems to be okay, there are two little melty spots, but they don't seem to be effecting the functioning at all.


Kristina said...

That's pretty classic, lol. You're lucky you made it out with only some melty spots! I'm guessing they have a gas stove... If it were electric, it probably would have been game over for your phone.

Awhile ago I was considering switching back to my old cellphone, because it can do more stuff. But when I brought it out, it was horribly scratched up -- reminding me how much I drop (and accidentally throw!) my phone too. This one is in pretty good shape considering I've had it for like 8 months or so now!


Lynn said...

Maybe you need to use the speaker on your phone so you can talk and still do chores. Works for me. Although, the older I get the more I hate the phone...and chores

Regardless, your pizzas look fabulous. Well done.