Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Right in front of you

You know how sometimes something is right in from of you for months and you just don't notice it. That happened to me today. I was going to get ice out of the freezer to cool my juice that I didn't finish at breakfast, and saw, seemingly for the first time, this magnet on my fridge. It seems appropriate to recent events. Joe, Brian's roommate, had to leave today because his mother is very ill. I will leave out specifics because I don't know how open a topic it is, but prayers would be appreciated for that. Also, Brian's grandmother has been in the hospital with some funky complications. She is doing a bit better, but it's still a bit sobering. Prayers for her and their family. Also, my uncle, due to many things and a very long backstory that perhaps I'll post on one day because if nothing else it is inspiring that he's still with us, is likely going to loose his right leg from the knee down this week. Prayers for him and my aunt (who sounds so worn and still isn't healed from her neck surgery over a year ago).

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