Monday, September 29, 2008

A cupcake kind of world


It's been a cup-cakey kind of mood the last few weeks.

The one above is a mini of the butternut squash variety that I made last week for our art seniors dinner, based on this recipe posted by Garrett on VanillaGarlic.


I also made two dozen each vanilla white and dark devil's food cupcakes for my sister's boss's birthday for the Tuesday night meeting (he actually ended up not being able to make it, so I ended up giving them another layer of frosting to cover up the piped well-wishes the I added after these pictures but extra frosting is never bad, so it was okay).


There was a little extra batter from both of those batches, so I made two-toned minis for the house.


And the week before last I made cupcakes while making my mother's birthday cake which were initially filled with caramel, but the caramel sank into the cake, so I made a caramel butter cream and filled them, then mixed the extra caramel buttercream with dark cocoa and topped them with that. Those missed the photo shoot though.


Kristina said...

Mmm... Cupcakes... The butternut squash ones sound good. How did they turn out?

I made pumpkin chocolate chip ones with cinnamon icing about two weeks ago... They lasted about two days before they were all gobbled up.

Joeboe said...

This is Joe Herne, btw... I recently started a blog on Wordpress

Those look so delicious!!!

I think I should pay you to make me some of those! :)

Beth Ann said...

Hi Krissy! The squash ones were really good, I've had several requests to make more, and have leftover frosting saved, so may soon. The pumpkin ones sounds great- I love pumpkin with chocolate! I'd probably skip the cinnamon though!

Hi Joe! Thanks! I'm in favor of receiving money for baked goods!