Tuesday, November 18, 2008

28* outside, feels like 16*


... according to weather.com. It is quite snowy, I haven't been outside yet today though. Took some pictures through the window though.


The garden looks a little confused.


Other than weather developments, work for my senior show is going well. My figures are growing. This last group was not as large as I originally had planned on it being, but I'm pleased with my progress. They are still, obviously, a fraction of my goal, which is life-size. These are still kind of considered "sketches," though they are more developed and larger than some previous sketches. According to the critique feedback from this past Thursday, my work is becoming "more sophisticated." The female figure third from left in the first picture is my, and was everyone at the critique's, favorite and the most successful so far. Please excuse the backdrop. :)

As a reminder, the basic thesis of my work is to explore inner emotion and dialogue between figures in the gesture of a body.

Thoughts and feedback, as always, is appreciated.






P.S. I love Iron and Wine.


Amanda said...

I really like the one all the way to the right... He is very..intense? I don't know how to say it. Love it.

Steve said...

Wow, your sculptures are coming out great! You've done a great job keeping them gestural, I know that I at least tend to overwork and agonize over details and it's tough to keep solids loose. I'm into the third-from-left (or is it second from right?), it's more emotive; the male figures are very stiff, like diorite Pharaohs.

I got this in an email from RIT's coop office, you might be interested in one of them - if you are we might have to joust for it. ;)

Beth Ann said...

Amanda- Thanks.

Steve- Thanks, I really try to limit myself and step away when I've been going at it too long- that happened with the lady to the far left. I was happiest with the third from left, second from right lady. Diorite Pharaohs is a good description, thanks. Part of that is due to in these I was still trying to suggest clothing to some degree, though for the sake of better capturing little gestures in the figures, I'm going to start suggesting more nude figures (gasp!). Thanks for that link too! Exciting stuff!