Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life Change?

Self improvement? Health? These are things I strive for. Today I took one more step in that direction. Jillian and Megan came over so that Jillian could do some laundry. They started working out on Monday (with projected schedule of MWFSa) and invited me along with them today. We walked/jogged/walked/jogged/ran 1.5 miles and decided to work towards a 5K. So yeah… we’re going to run three times a week, do some weights stuff, and swim on Saturdays- and hold each other accountable to it.

Here’s to health.

Also realized I’m in desperate need of workout clothes.

And, Irony of Ironies (yes with capital “I”) Brian was crossing the road when I pulled out of the VAC lot and started driving toward home. We had a hand signal conversation. He’s doing “Okay” (A shrug with up and down hands like a moving weighted balance). The ironic part was that “Without you” by Mad Caddies was playing in my CD player, which is not how I feel anymore, but was how I felt for oh-so-long.


Steve said...

Hey awesome! You're really going to thank yourself for starting this in a few months... but you'll hate yourself at first! It should be a lot easier to get your program started as a group though; when I started riding 40-50mi a week and weight training every other day it was tough but now it feels great.

I hope I don't get fat again over the winter.

Beth Ann said...

Hey Steve! It's been like 12 years since I've seen you!

I'm really looking forward to this whole running thing, while dreading the initial effects, especially how I felt when I woke up this morning. Yeesh. It will feel good though, I'm sure. :)

No winter biking from your remote location?

Steve said...

Probably not much. The cold, I can live with. Snow is kind of fun. Ice is manageable. It's the wind that I can't handle, and there is so much of it in Henrietta in the winter. I'll probably do spinning indoors and running.

And yeah, do you want to be friends or something? I haven't heard from you since like last month. Maybe you'd like to set your backyard on fire. Good news: I scraped up a car from under the couch cushions.

Beth Ann said...

The wind is pretty terrible. I don't judge you negatively for that decision. I've never done this spinning thing, I'm kind of enjoying running though. Our goal is three to five times a week, and a little swimming.

Hey, I'd love to be friends. Sorry I've dropped out of contact, life has just gotten a little weird. I don't know about lighting things on fire, the family I live with thinks that anyone's crazy that spends time outside if it's under 50. We can figure something out though, I've been meaning to spend some time in the city, I haven't spent too much time there lately, and I'd imagine that the entire staff of Javas misses you.

The car is exciting, must have been some couch. Did you get your license?