Friday, January 30, 2009


I found my camera! I had put away my suitcase without removing it, it had gotten stuck in the lid pocket.

Here is a picture of the Tuilles, the square are filled with chocolate-caramel mousse, and the rounds are filled with chocolate-peppermint. I bent them slightly over a rolling pin.


Also, finally: pictures of the Christmas cupcakes. I also made some vegan coconut ones that were delicious, but escaped my camera. If I missed you either due to timing (cupcakes don't exactly keep well, and I traveled a lot in December) or my jerky-oversight, let me know and I will make it up to you!


White Chocolate Cranberry- a sweet cream cake dotted with white chocolate chips and filled with stewed cranberries, topped with white chocolate ganache (batches two and three were donned with whipped ganache), a smear of stewed cranberries, some fresh cranberries, and christmas tree sprinkles as leaves.


White Mint Dark Chocolate- another sweet cream base generously flavored with peppermint extract, topped with semi-sweet chocolate ganache, a "sloosch" of peppermint goo (as Jillian and I deemed the action), and drizzled with more chocolate, topped with snowflake sprinkles.


And, because I know that she'll love me for showing this to the world, or at least the internets- Jillian enjoying a mint cupcake, still gooey:


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