Monday, February 23, 2009

Life update

Hello internet. It's been a while. I've been baking a lot, but photographing little, so here's a picture of a doodle from the other day....


I thought it was perhaps time to post something other than a Daring Bakers challenge (though there's another one of those coming on Saturday.

So what's new in my life, you ask?

Well, I have a job! *applause and cheering* It's part time (20 hours a week), and pretty okay so far. It's at a soup-and-sandwich place in the City called "Cravings on Main Street." They have soups (usually three or four different soups and three kinds of chili) and one of the most extensive sandwich and salad selections I've ever seen. They also have stuff like pizza, fish fry on fridays, nd other such things. As with most things, I think it will get better as I get more settled. I just started my fourth week, so I am starting to get to know things, I'm still not comfortable in my knowledge of the way things work, there is still much to learn, but I know a little more what I'm doing. It definitely has a lot of thumbs up- my hours are 10 to 2, Monday through Friday. The shop closes at two, so I have all afternoon to myself and will never have to work late. The shop is also only open M-F, so I'll never have to work a weekend. About 85-90% of their clientele are regulars, so that's fun, and I'm getting to know some of them by face, and some even by name.

More exciting (and slightly more tenuous) than the job- my senior art show is in a month and a half. OH DEAR I HAVE WORK TO DO. It's mostly exciting, but there is the "it's not guaranteed that you will show" threat over all of our heads. We have an all-faculty critique on Thursday that's going to be a big part of their deciding if we are worthy (if our thesis and work is clear, etc.) to show in April. This one is going to be slightly informal, mostly milling around, eating some munchies and talking about our work when professors come to it. In a few weeks we have the more intense crit where it's them, me, and my artwork for fifteen minutes. "Defend this." Ah. Overall, I have a lot of work to do, but I have a pretty clear idea of where I'm going, I just have to push myself some more.

Oh, also exciting. As of the 15th of March, I have health insurance. Woo. So after that point, feel free to break my bones or infect me with hopsitalizable disease.

Exciting, but not in my life, is that my sister is going to Central America for two months this summer to work with a few different organizations and churches. Prayer (and monetary support) would be great. In preparation she has decided to fast from sweets until she departs. I think that this is awesome, and would be pretty much impossible for me. However, in prayerful support of her, and to implement a little more spiritual discipline in my own life, I have decided to fast from meat until she returns.


There's something else exciting in my life, but it's too early to tell the internet-based-world. Just so that you're kept in a little bit of suspense, and if you feel like it and want to pray for me so that I approach this wisely.


sand in my shorts said...

Beth - your doodling looks like a cool tattoo for someone's lower back, not mine of course...

i love your talent (and you).

mare said...

Hi there!

Are you a celiac or do you avoid gluten? Is so, I'd be interested in learning any tips you have gathered from working in a sandwich shop.

(BTW - total congrats on the job and good luck with the show!)

Beth Ann said...

Hi Mrs./Mr. H! -Thanks! It actually started as a doodle for an idea I had for a tattoo, on my leg though, not my back. I don't know if I'll ever actually get it, it's just the idea. :P Love you guys too! I talked to your daughter today, and we talked about hopefully me coming along for one of her visits this summer! Depends on my job(s) etc, but I'm going to do everything I can!

Hi Mare- Thanks for visiting, and for the congrats! I don't have celiacs or avoid gluten anymore. They thought I might have the condition, and I avoided gluten for a while (as well as a lot of other common foods) in attempt to get my health back on track, but about the time I had completely switched over my cupboards, diets, practices, and joined a bunch of lists and forums, they decided it wasn't that and it was okay for me to eat (almost) anything. I did learn a lot in that time though, so if you have specific questions, I can try to answer them or point you in the direction of someone who can. As for working in a sandwich shop- we handle most allergens, so for allergies/sensitivities, cross contamination is going to be a problem.