Friday, April 18, 2008

Lynn Meredith and Getty Lee? (Two of the most strangely named singers I now realize)

A post is coming about flatbread and bar cookies. I just had to put this thought process in writing-

There is a news headline that goes on top of my gmail that comes from various different sites. (I'm pretty sure that this is customizable, but I haven't taken the time.)

Today's was from ESPN. It said "Kansas stars Rush, Arthur declare for NBA draft."

I thought to myself after reading the first phrase, "well, that's an interesting combination, but would be a really cool concert," thinking of course of the timeless bands both of which I enjoy.

The second phrase confused me greatly. Who is Arthur and what does he or the NBA draft have to do with 70s and 80 rock? "Oh," thought I, "Kansas must be the team, Rush must be a player.... Sad there will be no music."


s.a. said...

Have I told you lately how much I miss you? Seriously, nowhere else in my life do I get such delightful trains of thought.

On a completely unrelated note, I've started doing prenatal yoga. Still haven't bought a mat, but I'm really wondering how necessary it is.

elsepeth27 said...

:) Thanks (I think... he he)

That's really cool. It would be a good investment. They really help with keeping your feet/hands from sliding. They're also really nice to just lay on in the middle of the living room. :) The second part may just be me though. :p