Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know that everyone is, but, I'm a wee bit stressed

SO I'm fifteen minutes late for class, I had a hot pot fall on me this morning and bruise the joint of my dominant thumb, the crazy barometric drops and jumps have caused my body to feel as though I've been hit my a truck or a migrane leaked out of my head and is now residing all over my body (and that with the painkillers), and it's a quarter after two and I'm supposed to mix two 8,000 gram batches of glaze AND glaze my set of ten bowls, jar, ceramic spoon, creamer and sugar dish, and five pitchers before Alice loads the kiln in, oh, two hours. Also I have two and a half papers to write by friday and another for next week.

On a happy note, I got the summer office job on campus which hopefully will boost my hours enough so that they will let me live here for free. I'll write more about my three summer jobs later. I also get to bake two cakes for class tomorrow because we are having a "love feast." (It's such a hippie-ish class. My sister came to visit yesterday and she thought it was hilarious that we clap for people when they are late because we are glad that they made it and we want to perpetuate an environment of grace.)

P.S. I love Henri Nouwen. You should buy all of his books for me and yourself and read them. Or at least "In the name of Jesus." Or at least find the documentary made about him (it's narrated by Susan Sarandon, which I thought was bizarre and neat) and watch it.

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