Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cue, whiney me:

Wow I want to take a nap so much.

It's almost ninety (but there's a breeze and our apartment is staying nicely cool). I don't mind the heat, but the humidity threatens to suffocate.

I have to go back to work in ten minutes. I also have to clean up the mess from the lunch I just ate that wasn't nearly as good as I wanted it to be.

I really just want to go to sleep.


There are nice things though:

I talked to Brian for the first time since Thursday morning. We went our separate ways, quite literally, after our last vac appointment. He went to visit home and camp, and I went home for a doctor's apt. And both camp and home are in places of little to no cell phone reception. When I talked to him he was on the way to bid grandparents adieu and then he was leaving to come back here (to Rochester, I came back last night). Hopefully he'll get back in time to stop in to say hi before he has to go into work at three.

Amanda is coming to visit when she gets off work at three. Maybe she'll want to go to Jitters. I should be able to take a break from work about then.

Also, I joined a baking club (though when you join it seems almost like you're joining the free masons....) and made the monthly secret challenge recipe yesterday while I was home. I can't talk about it (hence "secret"), but it turned out really neat after long hours of work, and was tasty to boot! I can't wait to post about it on the thirtieth....

And I got to see my Georgie when I was home.

Now out into the scaldingly beautiful day (after I wash a few dishes) and back to work I go.

Hi ho, hi ho.


s.a. said...

Aw, Georgie :) I guess dan's lady friend is bringing a cat when she moves in next month...hopefully I'm not completely allergic.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That baking club sounds fascinating and strange. . . . Are you EVER allowed to talk about that recipe, or is it a secret forevermore?

Beth Ann said...

I'm allowed to talk about the recipe on posting day, which is the thirtieth. It's so secretive and mysterious! I'm excited to post because it actually worked well! It's called "the Daring Bakers" if you want to look into it and join. I think it's super fun.