Saturday, January 26, 2008

Domestic Day...

Today consisted of cleaning, entertaining company (by company I mean Heidi and her little chinchilla friend, Henry), and cooking.
Meredith got up and cleaned the kitchen quite thoroughly -which was really good of her, it needed it. I slept in much later than I meant to, but then got up, tidied and dusted the living room, and then Heidi got here. Janice cleaned the carpet a little while later.

After Heidi left, They had dinner, then Brian decided he needed a nap, so we had a late dinner. I pan- seared some tilapia marinated in lemon juice, tahini, water, a little honey. Then I dredged it lightly in rice flour and seared it in a really hot pan. I then took the fish, set it on top of the brown rice that had finished cooking slightly before, covered it so that it would stay warm and made a sauce from the marinade. I stirred in the rest of the flour left from dredging- started with about 1/3 cup, ended with about 1/4 cup -along with some water, a little salt, and a bit of fruit juice, and poured it all into the still heating pan from the fish, stirring until thickened and uniform. I think that I had to add a little water so that it stayed saucy, and not pasty. It turned out really good though. I served it with brown rice (yum!) and oven roasted honey-glazed carrots.

For dessert, I baked some pears with ginger, and meredith got a mango and some sorbet, so we had baked pears, chilled mango, and strawberry sorbet, a very fruity end to a yummy meal.

And I was just craving raisinettes, so a made some with chocolate chips and the little bit of golden and regular raisins, and some dried cherries.

I heated the chocolate chips, stirred in a little coconut oil- to keep it smooth, and stirred in the raisins. Then I dropped one or a few raisins at a time onto a parchment paper, and stuck it (on a cookie sheet) in the freezer for twenty minutes or so until they set up. Then I picked them off and put them in the creamer of my tea set that I made last year.

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