Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ruach Adonai

Here is the sculpture that I had in the show at the end of last semester. I said I would, but then I never did take or post pictures of it while it was in the gallery. Here is is on my living room floor (ignore the uncleanliness of the floor, it's a really old carpet, pre-dating us by a long shot), a detail of the bird- branch and a detail of the hebrew text that covers it (Genesis 1:1-3, and on the branches seven verses from the Old Testament of the Spirit of God). I'll even put up a professional-ish description. I had an offer to buy, but the girl recanted. I was sad, needless to say.

Title: Ruach Adonai (Spirit of God)
Medium: Stoneware, painted with acrylic
Date: September-October 2007
Artist: Beth Holdridge
Priced on Request


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Beth, that's really cool!

weekendhack said...

you are so awesome. i miss you. what are you doing this weekend? and particularly friday night....