Friday, February 15, 2008

Encouragement rant

I feel a great burden lately that this world we live in needs more encouragement. There is this huge undertone in our culture and attitudes that nothing is ever good enough, but if you aren't happy-smiley-cheerful then something must be terribly wrong with you and you need to go to the counseling center. And it's not permissible to encourage someone because someone might think that you are weird and beyond the fear of judgement there is a fear that goes along with that unexpressed undertone that says nothing is right that to encourage someone is to acknowledge that not everything is alright in itself is not right. So if you are reading this and feel burdened, or discouraged, or anything, know that you aren't alone and that someday, somehow it will be okay. And if you notice that someone might not be happy-joyous, give them a little word of encouragement.


Lyra said...

Yeah, I've felt like this at times. Sometimes when I'm feeling giddy and excited over things, especially little things, people look at me like I'm a crazy lady. But then, I've gotten that my whole life. heh. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, too! *hugs*


Lyra said...

Ooh!! If you're going to have a sushi night, definitely research blogs on bento if you haven't already. I could look at those sites for hours! They're so creative and interesting... It makes me feel like I should buy like 100$ worth of tiny plastic molds to make fun animal shapes out of my foods. I was particularly fond of the Totoro bento supplies. :D