Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heart shaped deliciousness!

Happy day before Valentine's day! I love Valentine's day (my sister will adamantly disagree with her opinion that it is stupid). Not because of the over-commercialized romance factor, but simply because the heart motif is my favorite simple little pattern. I was so excited when chipping iced over snow off my car the other day and a piece broke off in the perfect shape of a heart. I put it on the sidewalk for others to look upon and feel loved. I love love. Not just the romantic kind (but I am excited that my darling is taking me on a fancy date tomorrow night to a nice Thai restaurant), but Agape love, God love, friend love, parent love, sibling love, aunt-niece love, godchild love, and any other kind. I will end my digression here.

Yesterday I was really craving chocolate, and then, in my checking of favorite blogs, I came across this really awsome looking recipe posted by Karina of Karina-s Kitchen for Mint Chocolate chip cookies. I didn't have any mint extract, but have been on an almond and/or amaretto kick lately and conveniently had some almond extract, so I used that instead. I also topped them with a little melted chocolate (with a little coconut oil stirred in to make it shiny and keep it a little soft and fudgey). Review: Awesome! Seriously, these cookies are so rich and light and chocolately and gooey that as much as I like to play with recipes, other than changing the flavor extract, I don't think I could ever feel okay with changing this recipe at all.

The previously mentioned muffin recipes are coming soon. Right now I have to go to class.


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Karina said...

Those hearts are beautiful- I will have to try that next time. Yours really turned out lovely! Thanks for the shout-out.