Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello, goodbye

I love the Beatles. Sister and I were listening to them last night.

I'm going on break for a week and going home to visit the parental units. Pretty excited, it's been a while. I just love them. Hopefully I'll get to see Lona and the child too. Amanda will be home Sunday night through Tuesday, which should be fun too. And of course I'm most excited about seeing the first love of my life, George. Sadly, my current love (and first human one) has gone on a roadtrip with friends (well that's not sad, it's pretty swell) so I won't see him for a week (that's the sad part), but he might stop in on the way back because they will be taking the highway that swings past my house.

All this to say that postings will probably be few and far between. I might get one or two out, I'm uploading a few pictures now (maybe I will finally get those muffins posted), but my darling took my camera on the roadtrip, and I will be in the sparse land of dial-up, so even if I had my camera, uploading pictures to the internet would be near impossible.

Hope your week is grand!

<3 Beth

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