Monday, November 12, 2007

I adore him, really.

It's quite dim in my kitchen.

I made gluten-wheat-corn-milk-egg free pumpkin pancakes tonight for dinner for the roomies and myself. Lots left over. :) Yay breakfast for a few days.

I made pancakes like this this morning for the group of friends that we accompanied to Jillian's house, however, I just added that much pumpkin to Bisquick pancake mix. This of course meant that I couldn't eat them, which was one of the reasons I wanted to make them tonight. For myself I sauteed some potatoes, at the end adding soft goat cheese, and then sauteed some pineapple in maple syrup (that was really really good).

pumpkin pancake recipe, with 'regular' substitutions

1 c. Sorghum flour
1 c. Rice flour
1/2 c. Tapioca flour
(all four could be substituted with 1-1/2 c. regular all purpose flour)
4 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp Clove
1 tsp Nutmeg
(or 2 tsp of any blend of spices you want)
4 Tbsp. Brown Sugar
3/4 c. Pumpkin Puree, heaping
4 Tbsp. Olive Oil (or butter)
2 c. Rice Milk (or regular milk)
4 Tbsp. Potato Starch (2 eggs)

1. Heat rice milk to very warm, but not boiling. In a medium sized bowl, pour over rice flour and blend well, set aside.
2. Blend all dry ingredients in a separate bowl.
3. Add pumpkin and oil to rice flour mixture, blend well.
4. Add blended dry ingredients, mix well.
5. Drop desired amount of batter onto hot, oiled skillet, flip when edges start to change color slightly (the batter is so thick that it doesn't bubble hardly at all as regular pancakes would).
6. Serve with butter (oil) and brown sugar, syrup, and/or whipped cream.

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