Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yesterday was not a good stomach day. I ate bland foods all day. Dinner was rice noodles with olive oil, goat cheese, salt, pepper, and a little sugar (yes sugar, it pleasantly cuts the strong taste of the goat cheese).

Then last night I made cookies. (I will post the recipe soon, I have to figure it out, I did a lot of approximating and random ingredient additions....) They actually turned out pretty good, though they didn't spread at all so they are just little balls. They needed a little something though, so I melted some baking chocolate and stirred in some sugar to make a really nice, really dark chocolate "glaze." I remelted it some more today to melt all the sugar crystals, because I was hasty yesterday, so it was still quite crunchy.

Lunch and dinner were good today.

My stomach has still been finicky, so I tried to keep it simple. For lunch I had bean threads (noodles made from bean starch, and oh so good- I really like them, maybe more than rice noodles), with sauteed carrots and rosemary turkey breast cut into little bits.

For dinner I was craving pizza, with is a horrible, terrible idea, so I improvised. I took tome flat bread and topped it with tomatoes, the left over turkey from lunch, a little goat cheese, and lightly steamed spinach. Threw it in the oven for ten minutes or so at about 300 degrees, and there I had a lovely, tasty dinner.

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