Friday, November 9, 2007

So I've been pretty gung-ho about this food allergy thing. Really kind of excited about finding ways around it and trying new things, and just accepting that I can't have some things anymore. I found groups, recipe sites, blogs. One of the blogs that I read, my favorite really, the lady that writes it is having a Holiday Recipe Event (Gluten-free recipes of course), and I was thinking about what I could come up with to submit. These are the things that have kept me from being discouraged, this wonderful community of strangers, united by the fact that we get ill from so-called 'normal' food.

Then it happened tonight.

I became discouraged for the first time.

It came with the realization that:

I can't have Christmas cookies anymore. I actually almost started crying. (This definitely isn't a cue that I need more sleep... no....)



Cheekalina said...

No worries, babe! You CAN have Christmas cookies - and damn good ones, at that!

In fact, my love participates in a cookie swap every year at Christmas. Since we have a GF kitchen, he brings 12 dozen GLUTEN-FREE cookies. AND - they are the FIRST ones eaten EVERY time!

We gotcha covered girlie!

.love. said...

Sooo yeah. When you mentioned you had a blogspot now, I for some reason didn't realize until just now that you may actually be writing in it. Therefore please forgive me for my absence so far! I am here now though :)Miss you!