Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm apparently turning into a food blogger, mostly because there is little else interesting in my life at this point.

There was amazing steam coming off of my coffee this afternoon. I had trouble getting a good picture though, This one is all right.

And continuing on in my gluten-wheat-egg-milk free baking, I tried a new recipe today.

I made a caramel apple- sweet potato coffee cake. (Sweet potatoes in the cake part, apples and caramelized sugar on top.) I think I'm going to use a smaller pan next time because it's a lot thinner than I wanted it to be. I heated the sugar a little too much too, so the caramel is a lot chewier than I meant it. It's a tricky thing, caramelizing sugar. It's tasty though, and I'll probably use the recipe again, just with more apples, more attention to the caramel, and a smaller pan.

In non-food news, Jake proposed to Chrissy last night. Apparently there is a long story, but all I know is that she said yes (of course).

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